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I'm bad at drawing often enough to become good.


The Company of Sparkling Starlight by Jykinturah
The Company of Sparkling Starlight
Dunno know why I came up here.
Maybe it’s because being here feels like flying again.. Can’t fly without help from Twi, or ‘Shy, I guess.
But when Twi goes up to study the sky or whatever researchy thing she’s doing, I can’t help but ask to come along.
Something is wrong with her, too, and she says it has to do with that thing that hit me far up north. Bit weird cause I’m pretty sure I took most of the hits? I don’t know what it has to do with the moon, but…
I guess this is alright. Just sitting here, listening to the sky. Better than staying on the ground all the time. Being here makes the itching in my wings go away, and I guess I can kinda forget if I shut my eyes that I can’t see anything anymore.
I’m not alone at least. There’s something nice about listening to Twi’s voice. Without it, there’s just this scary emptiness in the air and I feel like I’ll get lost.
Maybe that’s why I followed her here…
Ask Blind Dash
AKA I got tagged by :iconadalbertus: Why are you people tagging me?

Rules are too much effort

Here are the questions:

1. If you were a character in a story, what sort of story would you prefer to be in?
If I wasn't going to lie to myself, I'd say some nice sci-fi fantasy story as some character who is eager to do science and stuff cause yeah that's totally how I actually am (no, not really). Realistically, I'd probably end up in a romance as the archetypal hapless youth not knowing what the hell is going on as some character who is supposedly out of my league flirts with me the whole time cause romance stories are really strange like that.

2. you have to have one part of your body replaced with cybernetic implant, what would it be and how would it change your life?
Probably my eyes because my family has a history of losing vision over time. I value my vision. Cybernetic eyes would probably have a whole slew of interesting added features which would probably alter my life. Imagine having a cell phone in your face. A cell phone with IR and night vision. A CELLPHONE THAT COULD SHOOT LASERS. Actually, that's a bit much....
That said, I'm basically transhumanist so I wouldn't have qualms about getting a myriad of implants.

3. An older version of you appears in front of you and tells you that something terrible will happen is you continue to pursue your current love interest, what would you do?
Wonder if I've finally lost my mind and started hallucinating. Also, insist I don't have a love interest cause I probably don't. Or if I do, am doing nothing to pursue them in any meaningful sense. And in the case I do have a love interest and am confident in my sanity, shrug, take a few shots of any alcoholic beverage, and break up with said love interest.

4. The weirdest place you spent the night?
Probably at a cabin really deep in the woods. I don't remember why I was there and whether I was alone or not, but I kept hoping a dragon would appear for some reason. Maybe that was a dream... Or maybe I was like twelve. Dunno.

5. Zombie apocalypse or post-nuclear wasteland? And why?
Tough. I'd rather there not be either cause I'm kinda fond of things being relatively somewhat tenuously alright rather than actually truthfully completely fucked. I think I'd take the post-nuclear wasteland over the zombie apocalypse cause at least it would be nice and empty. Free of creepy undead humans and stuff crawling around being all hungry for flesh and not alive.

6. You can bring one fictional character to this world for 24 hours, who would it be and what would you do?
Honestly, I don't think I would. The trauma that would result in almost any fictional character's abrupt transdimensional relocation would make me feel terribly guilty about the whole ordeal, even if they did calm down to enjoy the rest of the time they had in this world. If such a trauma were not to result, even then I'm not sure. What would I do with a living breathing fictional character? How would I feel after the event? If faced with the option in truth, perhaps I would find an answer... but right now I simply fall into paroxysms of confusion and doubt.

7. You can send a message to yourself one year into the past, all temporal paradoxes aside, what would it be besides the winning lottery numbers? 
"Draw, you idiot."

8. We have to spend 24 hours locked together in an abandoned building (we have basic provisions to survive) what is your plan?
Well, it depends. Seeing as we have provisions, I would probably be very relaxed and explore the building out of curiosity. Mostly, I would be concerned about regulating temperature and having water. I'll probably end up talking a lot about random shit like chemical reactions or how capitalistic structures are affecting art.

9. You can have any fictional vehicle (except maybe the TARDIS), what would it be and where would you go with it?
Give me a spaceship and immortality, and I'll find something to do.

10. You and one of your OCs are stuck on a deserted island. How screwed (take it as you want) are you?
If it's Sona I, then screwed because were are probably never getting off the island. If it's Sona II, then screwed in every definition. If it's Sona III, I'll probably be left alone pretty much immediately or killed when she finally starts to starve and it's dark so pretty screwed. Sona IV, we'll probably get off the island just fine. Sona V would probably be very lost and confused so I'd be up to me how long we hold out.

Anyways I don't know how to tag people (no one believes you Jyky) so I'll plead ignorance to get away with not tagging people. TL:DR tagging is too difficult.
I've not been posting much here sadly. If you wish to see doodles, they usually end up on my artblog (PG-13 Violence, Gore, Nudity).  More complete works will end up here.


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